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How to | FAQ
Show your electric vehicle!
- take a photo
- upload photo and description
- enter the location

* = required fields

Choose your image file (JPG, GIF or PNG). For best performance you could reduce the dimensions of your image to a width of 750 pixel before uploading it.

Enter your headline.

Enter your text. Tell us some details about your vehicle, discuss tech specs or request features.

Enter the date of your photo.

Choose the country.

6Publish location?
Wan‘t to keep the location of your photo/vehicle secret? No problem, just tell us the country, choose 'Secret Location' and no location will be published! But in this case your photo will not appear at the world map.

Enter the name of a city, a town or the region. On the following page we will display a map and you can place a marker exactly on the location.

Enter the name of the place/location (optional).

Additional photos?
You can upload 5 photos. The first one is your main image, which will be shown on top. You can upload 4 additional shots and enter a description for each of them.

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