Ford F-150 Lightning. The EV Truck You Never Knew You Needed.

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, getting ready to jump into yet another fantabulous review! (Yeh, I said fantabulous!) In this week’s episode of top ten bad-ass EVs I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, I bring to you Odin’s earth child…Thor’s brother from another unlikely ‘mother’ – The 2022 Ford Lightning F-150, EV edition!

With a 44-year old legacy under its belt the Ford family of ‘Built Ford Tough’ decided they were gonna step up their A-game and bring their expertise to the Electric Vehicle table. Now I grew up knowing the Ford F-150 series trucks and to put lightly, it’s a beast of a truck. Fast forward to present day and you’ve got the evolution of a legend in the truck industry! What! This truck is absolutely insane and as a person who loves the idea of one day owning a jeep/truck…the temptation this Lightning bolt offers is something I can get behind…or in front of…heck I’ll even stand beside this beast!

So lets get into some of the reasons why I’m slightly obsessing over this beautiful creature right now.

So right out the gate I’m talking price tags because lets be real, if you’re gonna go all Electric with your vehicles, then you’re gonna wanna know how to work it into your budget. And for most that budget is a little snug. With that mind, lets take a look at our Ford Lightning.

The all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning starts at $39,974, which technically isn’t bad especially when you consider the price tags of many other EVs on the market today. Of course, as with all models, this starting price is for what I would call the standard model Ford Lightning F-150. For the more-equipped mid-series (XLT) starting cost would be at $52,974, but that offering comes with additional comfort and technology. Worth every single penny too, if you ask me!

Now as I mentioned before, Ford’s F-series has always been considered America’s best-selling truck, and after 44 years you’ve gotta admit they’ve got a really good reason to brag. With the slogan “Built Ford Tough’ they have always maintained a standard of excellence, power and durability within the automotive industry. But now they’re taking things to the next level with the launch of their all-new, all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, the first ever F-Series that’s not only gas-free but equipped with even more purposeful technology. Your driving experience has just been elevated ladies and gentlemen. Ford Tough style!

So lets break it down a little more.

Here’s what the F-150 Lightning is bringing to the EV table in 2022. A powerhouse delivering a targeted 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque, never before seen or felt in any of their previous F-150s. The exhilaration of a very powerful driving experience combined with a high-tech frunk, and the ability to power your home, if needed, with enough juice to run your house for three days. Yes! you heard right!, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be fully capable of powering your home in the unlikely event that you end up losing said power. So yeah! guess this means I’ll be donating that old generator if I’m planning on getting one of these bad boys for myself. And as for tailgating? Anybody want hotdogs?!Now with an ingenious array of connected, intelligent features that improve over time via its over-the-air software updates, the F-150 lightning is built ready for the future. And not to be outdone by Tesla, Ford has also ensured that charging stations and remote vehicle controls are easily accessible via their ‘FordPass’ app. Also available is a feature called ‘BlueCruise’ which offers drivers a true hands-free driving experience on the highway, while its enhanced Pro Power Onboard, powers job sites and/or campsites. Say what now??!

But wait, there’s more! The F-150 Lightning also comes powered with dual in-board motors and a standard 4×4, allowing it to take on pretty much any rough terrain with, you guessed it!, ‘Built Ford Tough’ durability and capability. And just like Thor, it comes built with a high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body, a new independent rear suspension that delivers improved top quality riding comfort, while its all-new frame uses the strongest steel ever put in an F-150 frame. This beast supports a maximum of 2,000-pounds payload on any given day and offers up to 10,000-pounds of towing capacity. What?! Let me think about what I have that’s even close to this weight so I have an excuse to tow it and look bad-ass while doing it! BET!

Dubbed ‘the truck of the future’ the F-150 Lightning is truly the smartest, most innovative truck ever built by Ford, and they own that claim. The level of respect I have for this truck is something else. I can’t even find words. From the near instant torque it provides on any ride to its intelligent towing, to its seamless connectivity to software updates, plus power for your home, a power frunk and a digital screen that’s larger than any currently being offered on a full-size truck, ANYWHERE, the F-150 Lightning is a truck driver’s fantasy come true. To own this truck is to own the fact that you will be the envy of everyone that sees you, and you will be ok with that.

The American Auto Industry is buckling up for one hell of a ride with this beautiful beast. To say that when Ford took on this challenge of entering the EV industry, they understood the assignment and did not come to play, would be an understatement. Ford has always been ready for progress in whatever form it takes so this moment was going to happen; it was only a matter of time. With their goal of zero emissions tied to a digitally connected future, Bill Ford, executive chair of the Ford Motor Company is quoted as saying: “F-Series is America’s best-selling truck for 44 years, the backbone of work across the country, and a trusted icon for generations of customers. Now we are revolutionizing it for a new generation.” And revolutionizing it is absolutely right because this F-150 Lightning is in a league of its own.

We’re not here to make an electric truck for the few. Ford is committed to building one that solves real problems for real people. F-150 Lightning delivers everything we’ve said electric vehicles can offer, plus the capability expected from a Built Ford Tough truck – Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, Americas and International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company.

– Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, Americas and International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company

Quick, quiet and smooth, the F-150 Lightning delivers a new experience for truck owners everywhere. Capable of going from 0-60 mph in the mid-4-second range, the Lightning comes equipped with an extended-range battery, based on typical industry methodology, and 18-inch wheels, As is the case with all EVs, its low center of gravity also brings with it even more confident handling  and stability behind the wheel, whether you’re traveling on rain-slicked roads or through sand.

According to Ford President and CEO Jim Farley ” the F-150 Lightning represents all that our country can do when we push for progress.” and he is absolutely correct!Speaking of progress, with its new Onboard Scales, The F-150 lightning uses the truck’s sensors to estimate payload and tell customers how much they’re hauling. And since, as most truckers know, payload can impact range, these Onboard Scales, integrated with intelligent range, will go a long way in helping ensure F-150 Lightning gives accurate estimates of how far you can go with any load you carry. Also making its debut with the F-150 Lightning is the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which automatically controls steering, throttle and brake inputs to make hitching trailers a heck of a lot easier. The F-Series will also be making available, on some of their models, a Phone As A Key. Ideally, it’s designed to allow customers to lock, unlock and start their truck without taking their phone out of their pocket or using a key fob when its activated. Just the thought of this feature makes this truck that much better.

But there’s still more!

Another rather impressive feature making its debut on the F-150 Lightning can be found in its Lariat and Platinum series. Its called the ‘SYNC 4A’. What’s this? Well I’m glad you asked! The SYNC 4A is a sexy, modern interface supported by a 15.5-inch touch screen (mentioned earlier) designed to adapt to a driver’s behavior. The SYNC 4A uses natural voice control, cloud-connected navigation and wireless access to all your favorite services. In addition to this, the F-150 Lightning also boasts excellent off-road performance. With its 4×4 system featuring four available drive modes (Normal, Sport, Off Road and Tow/Haul), and a rugged under-body protection utilizing metal skid plates that shield both the battery and inboard motors from tough terrain, the battery is kept battery safe while allowing the truck to operate at its fullest capacity The battery itself is secured inside a waterproof casing surrounded by crash-absorption protection which has been tested at temperatures as extreme as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the Lightning can perform when needed most. This brings me so much joy to know.Also considered the most aerodynamic F-150 in its fleet, the F-150 Lightning comes with improvements in the form of newly shaped running boards, a sculpted hood to reduce drag, and grilles that replace air intake holes with a much smoother, textured surface. Another design feature offers available enhanced 360-degree Zone Lighting, which can light up specific zones or an entire area around the vehicle.

Set to arrive in the spring of 2022, the F-150 Lightning will be made available in four series and two battery options at more than 2,300 EV-certified Ford dealers across the country. There will also be provided an option for customers to access Ford’s complete ecosystem of connected data and telematics services via Ford Commercial Solutions. Considered a ‘pillar of the company’s more than $22 billion global electric vehicle plan to lead electrification in areas of strength and will’, the F-150 Lightning is prepped and ready to roll off the line next year at a new high-tech factory  at Ford’s storied Rouge complex in Dearborn just outside Detroit.

Well color me impressed and call me lightning! I need this in my life!


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