It’s The BMW iX

The new BMW iX is the new EV offering from German car manufacturer, BMW. In typical fashion, it is a highly stylish, well built car. Fully electric, it has an estimated 300 mile range on a full charge. This is significantly better than the previous offerings from BMW; the i3 and the ridiculously expensive i8. 

I am personally very excited about this announcement because I owned a BMW i3 fo a while. I loved that car, especially how well built it was. However, the range on it was putrid. I was constantly having range anxiety and ultimately had to ditch it for a Tesla Model S.

Range is the ultimate difference maker. The new iX fixes that issue. With a 300 mile range, the iX is impressive for a Sport Activity Vehicle. And since it is a BMW built car, it will be very well built and proven network of service stations to back it up.

I love my Tesla but when it comes to craftsmanship and just luxury build, Tesla is still years behind BMW. I wish I could get a car with Tesla’s EV technology in a BMW built car. That would be a dream. 

Meanwhile, back on earth. The BMW iX is the closest we can get to a really well built luxury EV car with a bit of Tesla’s ingenuity. I cannot wait to drive it and see if it delivers on its promises. 

The BMW iX will be available from Spring of 2022. You can preorder right now. 


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